Pet Food
We wish for a better future for
humans and pets to grow together.
with your best friend
We consider their health so that
pets can be together for a long time.
Dear my pet
We present you with a happier life
inspired by your heart.
Total Life Care
OSP, a global pet food production company that
puts the
happiness of pets and the happiness of mankind first,
provides only safer and more reliable products
continuous investment and R&D through professionals.
We will serve the needs of consumers diversifying
into a variety of manufacturing methods,
including Pure Organic, Natural, Grain Free and Soft Food,
and contribute to the happy lives of pets and PET families
through a much safer and healthier PET FOOD supply.
OSP System
Propose the best integrated solution
with safe raw material use and strict quality principles.
With HACCP certification and USDA ORGANIC certification,
we only produce products that pets can eat with confidence.
World Class R&D
Introducing a new pet food paradigm based on
world-class R&D capabilities and expertise.
OSP, an organic pet food manufacturer, completes its products
for pet families with unique multi-year know-how.
OSP Partners
Our OSP will co-exist with our partners.