OSP is taking a leap into a global total pet life care
company through a constant challenge and innovation.

‘To live a longer and healthier life’

OSP is conducting research on how companion animals can live healthy lives.
It is OSP's key task that we provide our valuable pets with a clean and safe
food for them to lead healthy lives with their families 'for longer'.

OSP, a company specializing in manufacturing premium pet foods

OSP has been recognized as the country's No. 1 research company for pet foods with
the use of high-quality raw materials, organic and grain free, securing a safe
and hygienic production system, and implementation of strict quality control.
OSP manufactures more reliable and safer pet foods as our experts conduct R&D 'directly'
and produce pet foods 'directly' in safe facilities based on our abundant experience
and know-how on manufacturing veterinary medicines for over 40 years.

Total Life Care Platform

OSP is taking a leap forward as a platform that supports the entire life of
our valuable pets like our family members from their birth to death. OSP continues
to conduct R&D on not only pet foods, but also vaccines and treatments for pets.
We are expanding the pet food market not only in Korea but also around the world
while promoting Korea's premium organic pet foods with results from R&D.

The health of pets and the happiness of their families can be obtained with honest products
A global total life care company that helps pets and their families lead healthy lives
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WOOGENE B&G Co., Ltd., a company that specializes in manufacturing veterinary medicines, produces high-quality veterinary medicines (treatments and vaccines for diseases, disinfectants, environmental enhancers, etc.) through independent R&D, and it is also producing microbial medicines using its patented strains in order to respond to the seriousness of misusing antibiotics. Additionally, it has been focusing on the development of preventive vaccines since entering the veterinary vaccine business.

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BOW WOW KOREA has a long tradition of manufacturing pet foods, currently developing and manufacturing about 150 types of the pet foods, since its establishment in 2000. It produces healthy and hygienic foods in safe manufacturing facilities that have obtained the SQF certification from the Global Food Security Index (GFSI) for the first time in Korea.

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