OSP is developing healthier, safer, and
more delicious pet foods.

Based on carefully selected ingredients, we manufacture pet foods providing the optimal nutritional balance for pets, which have passed tests for safety, nutrition, and palatability. Moreover, we are doing our best to help pets enjoy healthier and happier lives through the comprehensive analysis of the pets and experimental methods considering their welfare.

We propose optimal nutritional solutions
through collaboration with experts.

We are developing optimal nutritional solutions for pets through collaboration with nutrition experts for pet foods, veterinarians, and experts in various fields from domestic and foreign universities.

Main Research Areas

  • Survey and research on market trends and new technologies
  • Research on improved ingredient processing technologies
  • Analysis and research on nutrients and functional ingredients
  • Development of feeds and snacks
  • Development of veterinary medicines
  • Safety and quality inspections at all stages
    from mixing ingredients to their processing
  • Technical advice for the development of products
    to be manufactured through the ODM/OEM methods

Research results

Keywords Patent details Keywords Patent details
Bowel function Provision of feeds suitable for the intestinal environment through microbiome analysis Vascular System Patent on ingredients for improving the vascular diseases of obese dogs [in progress]
Patent for ingredients that can maximize probiotic effects Skeletal Muscle System Patent regarding protein absorption to improve the loss of muscle mass in elderly animals [in progress]
Electrolyte Patent on compositions for the prevention and improvement of dehydration in animals [in progress] Hair & Skin Patent on the composition of the formula to enhance hair quality and skin [in progress]
Evaluation on the efficacy of functional intestinal drugs for pets in terms of improving intestinal health and enhancing immunity

Korea National University of Agriculture and Fisheries (2019)*Co-applicant: WOOGENE B&G Co., Ltd.

Patent for the enhancement of immunity
Patent for the intestinal effect
Evaluation of intestinal health and immune-boosting effects based on the intestinal microbiome of dogs and cats

Center for Industrialization of Agricultural and Livestock Microorganisms (2022)*Co-applicant: WOOGENE B&G Co., Ltd.

CACC 789
Patent for the enhancement of immunity
CACC 612
Patent for the enhancement of immunity