Hello, I am CEO Kang Jae-gu of OSP.

We will continue to work hard to help pets
and their owners lead happier lives.

Since OSP began producing pet foods in 2004, we have grown into the leading premium pet food manufacturer in Korea while contributing to the development of the domestic pet food industry for over 20 years

We produce differentiated, high-quality products, showing high palatability, which reflect social trends and customer needs through continuous R&D. We could achieve remarkable achievements, such as more than 50% market share in the domestic organic pet food market and first place in the ODM market, in 2021 due to widespread recognition for our excellent product quality and stable production

In addition, we are taking a leap forward as a global pet food manufacturer that is promoting the excellence of Korea's premium organic pet foods around the world by not only leading the organic premium pet food market in Korea but also exporting the highest quality pet foods to countries all over the world.

We aim to take on the challenge of becoming a global pet life care company that can create a better future based on our core values of change and innovation. We continue to do our best to become a total life care company for pets by not only conducting R&D for pet foods but also developing various content that can improve their quality of life throughout their entire life cycle without satisfying our present position.

We will continue to do our best to realize the value of enabling pets and their owners to live happier lives.
Thank you.

CEO of OSP Co., Ltd.
Kang Jae-gu