OSP has a reliable one-stop solution in which we manage and take responsibility for all processes from the careful selection of materials to research, development, production, and distribution.

Central Research
Production Team &
Central Research Institute
Production and quality control
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Business Support Team
Distribution and Sales
R & D Center. Central Research Institute

Our Central Research Institute is committed to developing new products and safe and healthy pet foods that satisfy both taste and nutrition through our own technology and creativity.

Manufacturing Facilities. Manufacturing Facilities

As soon as the confirmation of developing products is made through collaboration between the Central Research Center, Strategic Planning Department, and Marketing Department, the manufacturing of fresh and safe products begins using carefully selected ingredients and efficient production facilities. We operate fresh warehouses to ensure that ingredients remain fresh, and our thorough first-in first-out(FIFO) system for each ingredient enables the hygienic management of the ingredients.

OSP's production facilities have acquired the basic HACCP certification for clean feeds and the SQF (Safe Quality Food) certification,

certifying that we are producing foods of the highest possible level in all stages from their production to processing and management.

Quality and Safety

OSP's top priority is the quality and safety of products. Thus, we provide high-quality, safe, and customized nutritional solutions.

Purchase of High-Quality Ingredients

We select and purchase high-quality ingredients according to strict guidelines, so we can maintain the same nutritional standards for our products.

Safe Production Process

We consistently manufacture and supply high-quality, safe products by applying standard production processes in the manufacturing process.

Strict Quality Control

We keep our ingredients fresh through fresh low-temperature warehouses, and our Quality Control Team conducts thorough quality inspections on nutrition, production quality, safety, etc. at each stage.